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craig burnett

bio and testimonials

downloadable résumé and headshots here

Craig Burnett started in television in Rapid City, South Dakota, at KOTA-TV in 1977. In 1980, a move to Denver switched his focus from broadcast to production. In 1982 he moved to Kansas City, to work for Hallmark's television production division, and later for Paddock Productions. In 1985, Craig returned to Denver as a freelance editor, working for production companies such as Telemation, Crosspoint, and CPG/Denver. In late 1990, he returned to Kansas City to work for Paddock Productions on national accounts such as WalMart, Blockbuster Video, H&R Block, and others. In 1996, Craig went freelance to accommodate his growing list of directorial clients. He's been directing, editing, writing, voicing, and appearing on-camera for clients like, QVC, HSN, Easton Press, Sanofi Pharmaceuticals, Hallmark, Sprint, Kraft Foods, Scripps Howard, NBC, ABC and many more.

Craig worked more than 18 years with ComedyCity, an improv group headquartered in Kansas City. He's creative, witty, quick on his feet, and is generally known as a fun guy to be around on the set, whether he's appearing on-camera, directing or shooting.

Craig has two Telly Awards for directing, a Rocky Mountain Regional Emmy Award for voiceover, a Silver Cindy Award from the Houston International Film Festival for editing, and two Omni Awards, also for editing. His fireplace mantle looks cool.

Craig lives with his family in the heartland of America.

That's all the fun stuff. Now we should probably both get back to work!


Craig knew his lines and kept the rest of the team's spirits up while we fit a lot into a short production day - he's a great talent to work with.

              Brent Roske - Creative Director, NBC Skycastle

You really hit a sweet spot when the talent is also a trained and professional editor and director.

It makes a difference, because what you get is an extremely collaborative process. With his range of experience Craig brings a sense of ‘what’s going to work’ and ‘what’s not’ to the set – and that’s something you just can’t recruit for.  Its magic. I’ve worked with him again and again because he simply delivers. I'm glad to have Craig Burnett as the face and voice of my brand for tens of millions to see every day.

Vic Walia - Senior Director of Brand Marketing, Expedia Inc. -

Craig is a great sounding-board for the language and rhythm of sales speech. He is an amazing creative partner. I depend on his decades of experience as a director and editor to be certain what we are creating fits into the goals of the script, but also will work in the editing room.

Steve Zeoli - Senior Producer, Producers Direct

Making good video is easy. Making great video takes hard work and talent. That's why Craig is always my first call. Craig is a creative genius; and the wonderful thing is, he'll share it with you for a small day rate.

Dan Welter - Executive Producer, Dan Welter Productions

Craig has a look that crosses over many demographic ranges. In the 20 years I've worked with him, I've never met another talent that brings his “A” game to every single shoot, no matter who the client, no matter what the time constraints. He is a total pro.

Frank Matson - CEO, Citizen Pictures

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